Okay, for all of you that particated last year, you should know what this is. XD

Quick Disclaimer: DI'ANGELO AND OTHER KIDS CHANNELL! SHOW(S) STAFF DO NOT HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS. You guys have a strong connection with the creator of the show! I usually accept your ideas. XD

Now, for new people, welcome! This contest allows you to make a new character to appear in Di'angelo! Now there are a few rules and tips:

  1. When you make the character, BE ORIGINAL. Don't just make something that's an obvious parody/reference to another show/movie! Now, we here at Kids Channell! Studios do NOT want a lawsuit!
  2. Please, just because the main characters are canine, don't make your character automatically canine... Dog Town doesn't only host dogs you know!
  3. Please do not make a character who's a Mary Sue. We already have someone like that...
  4. Please don't make your character just perfect and knows everyone and can do everything. Because no one, I'm sure, read the previous rule.
  5. If you character doesn't win, because of poor development, not listening to Tip #2, and the character not seeming to fit in with the show, don't start whining, crying, begging, tantruming, flipping tables, calling down angry rain gods to smite us, starting a riot, or anything else will cause us to change our minds. 
  6. Once you enter, you can NOT submit another character in this contest. I.E. "I know I posted the idea for THIS character, but I want to add this one, too!" You'll have to wait again 'til next year. It's also unfair to the other contestants. There also will be no, "Waaa, I want to change my character from a zebra to an alligator!". No. That also counts.
  7. Be creative! If you give me an image, PLEASE draw it yourself. No recoloring. Recolors are the same as trying to use Di'angelo himself as an entry. That's a big no-no. Recolors will be automatically disqualified. "No, I just used this because I can't draw! Look, he has hair and I erased the lines! DIFFERENT CHARACTER!!!!" Nope. Recolors are NOT new characters no matter what you do to them. Also, that's practically stealing art.
  8. Have fun!

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