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  • Rigbybestie1510

    (Take 1)

    User: Working harder.

    Cleverbot: Are you working?

    User: Yes.

    Cleverbot: What are you working as?

    (Closed Window)

    (Take 2)

    User: Working harder, Make it better, Do it faster, Makes us stronger.

    Cleverbot: I'm a real person and you are a real person, right?

    User: You're not a real person, I am...

    Cleverbot: Yes I am.

    User: Prove it.

    Cleverbot: What do you want me to do.

    User: Whatever a real, living person could do.

    Cleverbot: I want to do whatever you want to do.

    User: Okay. Who's the best pony?

    Cleverbot: I don't know.

    User: Wrong. They all are.

    Cleverbot: No they're not.

    User: Okay, then who's your least favorite, then?

    Cleverbot: I don't have a girlfriend.

    User: Okay, then...

    Cleverbot: Are YOU real?

    User: Yes. Yes I am.

    Cleverbot: Are you a kind human…

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  • Rigbybestie1510

    Okay, for all of you that particated last year, you should know what this is. XD

    Quick Disclaimer: DI'ANGELO AND OTHER KIDS CHANNELL! SHOW(S) STAFF DO NOT HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS. You guys have a strong connection with the creator of the show! I usually accept your ideas. XD

    Now, for new people, welcome! This contest allows you to make a new character to appear in Di'angelo! Now there are a few rules and tips:

    1. When you make the character, BE ORIGINAL. Don't just make something that's an obvious parody/reference to another show/movie! Now, we here at Kids Channell! Studios do NOT want a lawsuit!
    2. Please, just because the main characters are canine, don't make your character automatically canine... Dog Town doesn't only host dogs you know!
    3. Ple…

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  • Rigbybestie1510

    Sorry for me making them so late. I fell asleep when I was supposed to make them before... anyhoo, the pages are now up and you are free to write on them! I also made a page so you can ask Di'angelo questions! I'm going to make a Tumblr for that, too. ;)

    Di'angelo and Aza:!/pages/Diangelo-and-Aza/153265951484592?fref=ts

    Di'angelo Wiki:

    Di'angelo (Character):!/pages/Diangelo-Character/280033215448385?fref=ts

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  • Rigbybestie1510

    Okay, it's finally October 5th, so now I can unveil the New Character Contest! We need some more characters for our growing Di'angelo family and we want some more characters! So, if you have any ideas, insert your picture or description in the comments below! Only a few will be chosen.

    Disclaimer: If you get butthurt very easily, do not enter our next contest, because I don't want to hear about how you didn't win... T_T

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  • Rigbybestie1510

    Yay! I'm very happy to announce, The Di'angelo Facebook Page is up and ready to go!

    Here's the link!:!/pages/Diangelo/352871054804589

    The Di'angelo and Aza and Di'angelo Wiki one will be available in the afternoon and evening respectively. ;)

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