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I like drawin close ups alot better, (Rina)^


another new character who's page I shale be makeing soon.

Well, I'm sure that many of you have notist that the pictures I upload onto my character pages are just abunch of random anime pics. Well that is all comeing to an end! My parents finally said yes to me uploading my own artwork onto the internet sooooooo..... I have desided that I'm going to be drawing and uploading my own pictures so you all can see what they realy look like! But since I am bizzy with my work and all I'll be alittle slow on the uploading and deleteing of the old photos. I've already drawn one picture of a new character that I've been working on for season two of Di'angelo and Aza. Her name is Inkaira and the reason that she doesn't have a page yet is becuase I have a bizzy job/life plus I'm lazy. :P So please tell me your thoughts on my artwork and I'll hopefully be uploading more very soon! P.s.- My camerah takes lame photos so they mite come out blury or something.
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