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King of Everything is the first episode of Season Two of Di'angelo. It's the first hour-long episode of the show so far (excluding the The Beginning Parts 1 & 2). It is also the first episode to be made in partnership with Rackliffelikespurple.

King of Everything
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date TBA
Written by Rigbybestie, Rackliffelikespurple (story and transcript)
Directed by Rigbybestie
Episode guide
Di'angelo in the Big City






  • As said before, this is the first episode made in conjunction with another writer, Rackliffelikespurple.
  • Originally, only the episode was going to be named "King of Everything", but then Rigbybestie had the idea to also named Di'angelo's alter ego that, too.
  • This episode was supposed to be written only by Rigbybestie.

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