Dominick is a character in the Di'angelo series. He is a Monkey Stuffed Animal. He's the only major character that's a monkey and one of the few major characters that are non-dogs. Dominick is also one of the four original characters for Di'angelo.

Dominick New Design
That's bananas! And, I should know!




Monkey Stuffed Animal



Hair Color

No information

Eye Color







Trina (possibly)


8 (Human/Earth Years), 18 (Stuffed Animal Years)

June 5th, 2005

Voiced by



Dominick is a monkey stuffed animal who hangs out with Di'angelo and Domino at times, usually being there for any handy work or (more commonly) helping Di'angelo and Domino up onto something high. Dominick seems to have a crush on Trina, often pineing after her over the littlest things. He also seems to think he's a dog, after being around them so long, but at times acknowledges he's a monkey (similar to Riggles thinking she's a raccoon, but realizes she comes from a family of dogs and is a dog herself).


Dominick is a brown monkey stuffed animal, that has beige highlights on his face, belly, hands, and feet. He has a long tail like most monkeys do. He also has brown dog-like nose. His eyes are a caramel color. His feet are hand-like and he has used them as extra hands before. Lastly, he wears a pair of gray boxer with a black line at the top. 



  • Dominick is the fourth character to be made for the Di'angelo comic. He is one of the Original Four, the name chosen to describe the four of them ( Di'angelo, Domino, Trina and himself). He, alongside Trina were both scrapped and forgotten about until 2012 due to mixed and negative reactions from Rigbybestie's audience. They were both hastily replaced by Sandie, Rico, Malti, and Diamond (now Cheryl), not to mention, a multitude of other characters.
  • It's hinted that Dominick and Trina got to know each other well after being both scrapped and they're both in a relationship now.
  • Fans have confused Domino and Dominick in the past due to their similar names. As an added joke, Rigbybestie has Dominick wearing boxers (which is a joke on how Domino's half Boxer).


The gallery for Dominick is here.


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