This is the list for Di'angelo Season 1. These episodes take place mostly in Utopia.

Season 1





First Episode


Last Episode



Season 2

Title Song

Don't Stop (Color On The Walls) by Foster The People


Main Article: Pilot

Season 1/Episode 0

Note: This is the pilot for Di'angelo. It will be produced, but not aired on TV. It will be put on the channel's website and YouTube channel, though.

This episode features most of the characters, but pays the most attention to Di'angelo, Riggles, Domino, Malti, Sandie, Sparki and Randy, Westley, and Griffin. The rest of the main characters are shown at the end (minus Sonja).

Dogs and PoniesEdit

Main Article: Dogs and Ponies

Season 1/Episode 1

Note: This is the first episode to show Sonja in the series.

Night CatsEdit

Main Article: Night Cats

Season 1/Episode 2

In this episode, Di'angelo tries to warn the residents of

The First DateEdit

Main Article: The First Date

Note: This is the first episode to feature a fan-made character: Cocoa.

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