Di'angelo's Arrested is the pending placeholder name for an upcoming episode of Di'angelo.

Di'angelo's Arrested
Season 2, Episode TBA
Air date TBA
Written by Rigbybestie, TBA
Directed by Rigbybestie
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Warden: Ah, I see we finally got you.

Di'angelo: Yep, because I put up so much of a fight. Like I always say, "I never go down before trying to run away like a coward"!

Warden: Of course. Any last words to me before we put you away?

Di'angelo: You don't look like a warden should... 

Warden: What? How am I supposed to look then?!

Di'angelo: Lean over.

[Warden leans over]

Di'angelo: [touchs him and has him in The Warden's outfit] Like that!

Warden: [Rips off outfit] I'm going to make life here for you he--

Di'angelo: HEY! This is a kids' show!

Warden: You're right, so, let's finish this BEHIND closed doors...

[Cops look at Di'angelo evilly]

[Di'angelo looks nervous and gulps]


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  • The Warden from Superjail is referenced in this episode.

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