Hi! Welcome to 2 in the Am Pm! How can We help you - Di'angelo and Domino pic

Di'angelo and Domino working in the 2 in the Am Pm.

The 2 in the Am Pm pic

2 in the Am Pm pic.

2 in the Am Pm is a gas station Di'angelo and Domino work at in the fictional Los Angeles city in the cartoon Di'angelo: the Animated Series. The gas station is one of the most frequently shown places in DTAS. It is also the only place to be in almost every episode of the series. The place is known to sell Cooky brand cookies.


  • It is obviously the only store in the area or whole city to sell Cooky brand cookies or it's just Di'angelo and Domino can't afford Cooky brand or don't want to buy it anywhere else.

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